Pre-litigation Cases

“These are cases of outstanding invoices, breached contracts, defaulted loans and the like and first thing that we do is evaluate the debtor to see if he is collectible and then we send him letters… and many times this will get more leverage than it will with any other type of law firm because the debtors know that if we do sue them that they are eventually going to lose their assets.”

Collections and Remedies


A common misconception is that collections are all the same and that all debt is created equal. We recognize this could not be further from the truth, and that every client and every debt and debt portfolio has its own specific needs. Bearing that in mind, we customize our approach to all collections by:

  • Collecting as much as can be collected, without litigation;
  • Conducting investigations into Defendant’s assets/alter-egos prior to litigation to determine if it is worthwhile for our clients to litigate and ascertain the correct parties to the suit;
  • Utilizing pre-judgment remedies to attach assets before judgment whenever possible, such as a writs of attachment, or a lis-pendens on real property, in order to tie up assets, and to encourage the case to settle before judgment, or if the case goes to judgment, to ensure that assets to satisfy the judgment have not been hidden or transferred;
  • Utilizing the most efficient discovery methods, enabling us to make the required case quickly and easily;
  • Utilizing post-judgment remedies to enforce any judgment obtained.

We generally do this for minimal costs up front from our clients, working often on strict contingency.