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Fair Credit Reporting Act – Whether you’re a debtor or a creditor, the Fair Credit Reporting Act applies to you. The Wikipedia entry on the FCPA is well written and may help to explain things in layman’s terms that are difficult to parse in the Act itself.

Fair Debt Collections Act – Another act designed to protect lenders of money, the Fair Debt Collections Act can sometimes be hard for non-attorneys to read. The Wikipedia page about the FDCA does a reasonable job of helping, but is no substitute for a lawyer’s aid.

Judicial Council Homepage – There are tons of self help resources here. – This site has some fairly decent self-help resources for those who want to do their own detective work. There is much more than just judgment recovery related stuff here, so any would-be detectives may want to have a look.

Judgment Interest Calculator: A handy tool which makes it easy to calculate what your judgment is currently worth (with accrued interest)

Post-Judgment Interest Calculator