One of the specialized areas of judgment collection in which our firm has Lawyer expertise is Spousal Support Collections. Family Law Support Collections are unique in that they have quite a few additional mechanisms available under California and Los Angeles Family Law which are not available to enforce your “average” civil judgment. They also come due in installments, and each separate late payment accrues its own interest as of the day it is late– if there has been nonpayment over any significant time frame, just calculating the exact amounts due at any given time is a serious challenge.

Spousal Support

“In a spousal support context, often times a debtor needs to be brought to the brink of complete financial extinction… in many times, the person that gets them to pay, it’s really not the law or the courts but it is the collection attorney who convinces them that the debt is owed. And it’s not the ex-spouse or the ex-spouse’s attorney but a third-party collection attorney who treats them with respect, treats them politely but still in no uncertain terms makes them realize what’s going to happen if they don’t pay.”

Our firm not only utilizes the latest software to instantaneously calculate all Spousal Support due at any given time, track payments made, and generate accountings that Courts will rely upon, generally without question — but most importantly, we have the expertise in special family support enforcement procedures under the California Family Code that will help you maximize collection on your judgment collection. These include:

  • Earnings assignment orders for support: These are extremely broad and sweeping orders which capture any income and earnings (not just wages) from any person or company paying money to your ex-spouse, including their own companies if your ex is self employed- and if income is not paid over, the person or company failing to pay can be separately sued, and made to pay. (We can help with this too)
  • Contempt of Court: Contempt of Court is a remedy which can be sought any time a person willfully disobeys a court order. It is not available in enforcing a regular civil judgment, but it may be used to enforce a support order or alimony. Contempt proceedings ultimately can result in your ex going to jail unless they start paying on the debt. When contempt proceedings start, you get the debtor’s attention.
  • Social Security & Government Benefits Garnishment, Tax Return Intercepts, 50% garnishment of wages: (child support only) Most public benefits such as disability or social security cannot be enforced against, but for child support they can be.

Let’s face it: Ex – Spouses not paying alimony are taking it personally. They refuse to pay a dime- some have even been heard to say “I’d sooner die than pay (so and so) a penny!” When you have a situation like that, you need experts in the field, who will represent your interests as aggressively as possible.

And, in addition to expertise, when you have not been receiving alimony, you also need a law firm that can handle your case for little or no money up front . We are experts in the field, and almost always work on a we-don’t-get-paid-till-you-get-paid basis.* So don’t wait any longer- call the Evanns Collection Law Firm now at (213)-984-2424 and start getting the money you are owed as soon as possible!

*Representation agreements for each case are different, and may vary depending on the facts of your case