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What Our Creditors Are Saying

“Richard Evanns tracked down assets and got our law firm a terrific monetary result resulting from judgments we had obtained over years of litigation. It was not an easy task: Richard had to litigate through federal and state courts after recording the liens in several jurisdictions. And he did it with humor. Very responsive: if you text he responds immediately. Very tech savy and has multiple connections to work with from “effective” process servers, to staff, and to in our case, another lawyer, also a federal law and debt specialist with whom he co counseled. We called our team the A team. Together their acumen and skills were “spot on” including their knowledge of federal and state procedure and the manner in which judges rule. They were involved in filings that were top notch that impressed judges and led to successful rulings and eventually a settlement on the eve of a trial in federal court. They were expert in taking meaningful depositions that moved us closer to victory. I actually enjoyed working with them although the underlying litigations had been exhausting.”

-Karen Larson
$1.4mil judgment satisfied

“Richard Evanns settled a major outstanding debt owed to my business. He is super professional and great to work with. We will be working with his firm again.”

-Joshua Goldstein
$2mil+ mil Judgment satisfied

“I hired Richard 7 years ago and it was the best decision I’ve made for my judgment case. What I appreciated the most was Richard was always straight forward and honest. He could smell bs from a mile away and it saved me a lot of unnecessary stress. My calls and emails were always responded to within a respectable time if not immediately. I definitely would recommend Evanns Collection to my family and friends. When it comes to getting money from people you need someone like Richard Evanns on your side. He never backed down or gave up even when I wanted to. My case just closed SUCCESSFULLY for me!. Thanks Richard”

-Juanita Perez
$600k+ judgment satisfied

“Richard saved the day for me & my out of state attorney with last-minute exparte early enforcement motions on two sister-state judgments that were domesticated into LA County. On very short notice, Richard showed up to court on New Year’s Eve at 8:30 AM and the court granted our motion. His timely action resulted in liens being filed against the debtor’s property which was in escrow and was about to be sold to a buyer. When the debtor realized liens were in place, he had no choice but to pay or risk the sale of his home falling through. Richard’s awesome work resulted in a six-figure plus recovery. I could not be more pleased with his performance, he did everything he said he would do and more.”

-Jamie Shelton
$250k+ Judgment satisfied

“After muddling along for way too long – a couple of years – we finally got smart and got specialized help with our restitution case. Richard Evanns took us through the whole process with the greatest of ease. He handled all the documentation, of course, including an investigation. He sent regular updates so that we always knew the status of our case. We received our due settlement without ever having to set foot in a courtroom ourselves, and it was a fair price. Thank you, Richard!”

-Robyn Coburn
$300k Judgment Satisfied

“Dear Richard: I want to take this time to thank you very much for the magic you performed on my claim of wages not paid. I won the claim at the labor board ten years ago! … Richard said he’d have a response in three to four weeks, I thought that was never going to happen, I might as well go bark at the moon. Well in that amount of time, Richard did have a large settlement payment sent to me. AGAIN THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!”

-Herb F., retired auto mechanic, Los Angeles CA (letter- excerpt, used with permission)

“I live in another state, where I had obtained a judgment against someone who lived in California, so I needed a California lawyer to collect on it.  After dealing with another CA attorney at first and waiting for 3 years for something to happen, I contacted Richard with my problems — previous attorney, out of state judgment, filed in the wrong court, etc.   No problem for Richard!  He spoke extensively to me on our first tele-visit and assured me that he thought that he could get the job done.  And I liked the fact that he was a collector previously, so I knew that he understood the mechanisms that were needed for getting my money.  And he did!  He had to undo everything the previous attorney did and refile the case in the proper court, he kept me posted on any updates and I got $10,000 that I thought I would never see.  Thanks, Richard, you’re great!  I’d highly recommend you to anyone who needs to get their judgments collected.”

-Mary R, Small Business Owner, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“We are a small engineering company and we obtained a judgment against a debtor with lots of money, but who made it his business to avoid paying debts. His assets were all protected in corporations and LLCs and he had nothing in his name at all. We figured there was no way to collect from him. And for 8 years, that was true- then we assigned our judgment to Rich Evanns. After pursuing it in and out of court for months, he ended up collecting more than the original judgment amount. We were very happy with our experience with him and his company, and would recommend him to anyone.”

-Bahman E., engineer/small business owner, Glendale CA (letter, used with permission)

The debtor’s attorney in this case became one of our best referral sources, and the debtor himself was so surprised we collected, he immediately employed us for his own judgments!

“I won a lawsuit, but could not collect any money myself because the person I sued put  almost everything in trust accounts.  I was owed a lot of money, but had no way of collecting it.  I talked to a few collections agencies trying to find help.  When I spoke to Richard, I immediately knew he was the perfect person to get the job done.  He took the time to discuss a realistic strategy and then followed through like a champ.  He collected the money I was owed.  I could never have done this myself.  I will recommend him to anyone and everyone.  He’s awesome with great follow up and updates too.”

-Kristine K., Los Angeles CA

“I want to express my satisfaction with the services I received from Richard Evanns, and my high regard for how he has handled my matter, and the results he achieved. I sued a former employer back in 2007, and the corporation on the judgment had ceased to do business some years ago. But, Mr. Evanns was able to locate assets which were left in the name of the defunct corporation and attach them, and then prevail in Court when the debtor lawyered up and started fighting tooth and nail.

He handled everything start to finish and I did not have to do anything, and he never asked me a penny up front. His service is truly amazing, and I am certain I’d have never collected my money without it.”

-Robert S., Dentist, Redondo Beach CA (letter, used with permission)

“I can’t believe almost one year to the day that I left we got the whole amount!! Thanks for all your hard work on this. If you could send check today I will have it tomorrow..so please send out. Thanks again…you’re the man!!”

-Mitch K. , Van Nuys, CA (email, used with permission)

The Debtor’s attorney in this case became a client and referral source as well, after the matter was resolved!