Judgment Collection – Homeowner’s Association – $65,000

Client Homeowner’s association had judgment against Debtor for various breaches of contract. Debtor had equity in her house, and our firm put a lien on, got an appraisal and title report done and took all the required action to sell the property. Ultimately our firm worked with real estate agents for a voluntary sale of the property, to increase the sale price and keep expenses down for everyone. Client was paid in full.
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Rich was extremely generous helping me, a fellow attorney, figure out how to get a writ of attachment on a six-figure judgment check.
Richard Evanns managed to solve a collection problem that was over 10 years old and a six figure amount.
Richard Evanns took us through the whole process with the greatest of ease. Thank you, Richard!
After muddling along for way too long - a couple of years - we finally got smart and got specialized help with our restitution case.
Someone from the office of Evans contact me and explain me that...
Mr. Richard Evanns is my hero lawyer "par excellence"! He fights for justice, no matter who you are or what your situation.