$400k+ Judgment against famous preacher satisfied.

Client obtained judgment against a famous preacher due to a failed real estate deal. Debtor had money but was using his church, which was essentially his piggy bank, to hold and hide his assets, while he claimed poverty. Even worse, the debtor absconded to Florida after he found out we were after him. However, because discovery revealed the debtors church owed him money, we were able to institute proceedings against the church directly. We also found and hired a collection law firm in Florida, at no expense to the Client, to go after the Debtor in Florida. Because we went above and beyond in the case, a situation where many would have given up ended in the Client getting his money. We still work with the Florida law firm today.

Judgment Collection – San Luis Obispo – $350,000

Debtor was a hotel in San Luis Obispo, creditor was an 89 year old lady who slipped and fell on the premises. Hotel ignored the judgment, and we began enforcing, putting a lien on the hotel. Hotel hired big law firm, paid for by their insurance company, to try to vacate the judgment, claiming that the papers were never served, and using Covid as an excuse. We tracked down the process servers who served the papers, as well as went through all the facts, went to the Court hearing, and showed the Court that the Debtors arguments were invalid under the law and the Debtors version of the facts were incorrect, and the judgment stood. After a levy on their operating account for over $200,000.00, and having “nowhere to run and nowhere to hide” the debtors voluntarily paid the rest of the judgment in its entirety.

Judgment Collection – Homeowner’s Association – $65,000

Client Homeowner’s association had judgment against Debtor for various breaches of contract. Debtor had equity in her house, and our firm put a lien on, got an appraisal and title report done and took all the required action to sell the property. Ultimately our firm worked with real estate agents for a voluntary sale of the property, to increase the sale price and keep expenses down for everyone. Client was paid in full.