Judgment Recovery Partnership Dispute – $1.9 million

Location: Los Angeles / Westwood
Status: Settled/Satisfied.
Case Details: Judgment, for partnership dispute, partner agreed to buy client out of his end of a multi million $ business and never paid him, client obtained judgment for over $2 million. Immediately after judgment, debtor wired approx $1.5 mil out of the country to a foreign entity, gave his house to his wife, bank accounts to children, and transferred his businesses to an unknown person in Cambodia, leaving himself judgment proof. Debtor then absconded to Vietnam. Through a year and a half of judgment enforcement efforts against all parties involved including the debtors wife and children and businesses as well as a fraudulent transfer action, the debtor voluntarily paid $1.9 million.

Judgment – Hollywood movie producer/writer – $1 million

Location: Los Angeles, Federal Court. Status: Settled/Satisfied in 2016. Case Details: Judgment against debt ridden Hollywood movie producer/writer for a breach of lease. Debtor was receiving royalties from a couple of recent movies, but unfortunately, there were multiple other creditors after them: A previous judgment creditor, a law firm pursuing an attorneys lien, and a spousal/child support claimant, all making claim on the same money we were. Our firm became involved in both a state court case and federal court case in connection with this debt, and even though our client was the last claimant to file his claim against the funds and as such, would have been last in line, and thus gotten very little-  we litigated, fought and defeated, in various ways, the claims of all the other creditors, and leveraged a settlement before a federal court judge, wherein our client received the vast majority of the money, and satisfied our judgment. (Settlement, almost $600,000.00)

Judgment Collection – Real Estate Broker/Landlord – $270,000

Location: Los Angeles Downtown LA Status: Settled/Satisfied in 2016. Case Details: Debtor was a well to do real estate broker & landlord, and Creditor had worked for him for years, and not been paid, and been promised certain things which the Debtor never followed through on. Creditor obtained a $270,000.00 judgment for back wages. After strategically positioning our client to make the judgment “bulletproof” and making our liens impossible to avoid with motions to vacate and bankruptcies, we located assets of the debtor and levied upon them, satisfying the entire judgment in one fell swoop!  (If only they could all be this simple)

Judgment Collection – Settled for full amount + interest, pay plan – $210,000

Location: Los Angeles Status: Settled/Satisfied in 2016. Case Details: Debtor merchant service company, did not pay creditor on commission agreement, and they started a new company to get out of the judgment debt. However, Creditor was able to uncover a pre existing contract with a loan factoring company whereby the factoring company paid the debtor over $15,000.00 per month, and was able to garnish that income stream by serving levies on the factoring company. Faced with the cut off of this income stream, debtor relented and settled for a payment plan and is paying off the entire judgment in monthly installments.

Judgment Collection – Family Law – $80,000

Location: Los Angeles Status: Settled/Satisfied. Case Details: In a Family Law case, the debtor had avoided payments for over 10 years on a lump sum judgment. We established that the debtor had transferred tens of thousands of dollars to her children, and after multiple proceedings involving document subpoenas and debtor testimony, her kids were brought into court before the judge to testify regarding the transfers. On the day of testimony when everyone was in Court, Debtor agreed to settle, and made some phone calls. A Cashier’s check for $40,000.00 showed up before the end of the day, and the rest of the judgment is being paid on a payment plan.

Judgment Collection – $60,000

Location: Los Angeles Status: Settled/Satisfied. Case Details: Client was elderly and Judgment Debtor beat him up and broke his arm, and though Client had a judgment, it was never collectable. Judgment Debtors father passed away in Northern California, and in days we were on a plan up there to intervene in the probate proceedings to get the inheritance money before the debtor did. Debtor then attempted to give his share of the inheritance to his brother to frustrate collection efforts. A couple of plane trips later, the probate judge denied debtors attempts and our client was paid in full from the probate estate.

Spousal Support Judgment – $1.7 million (with interest)

Location: Glendale / Los Angeles
Status: Settled/Satisfied.
Case Details: Client: Armine K. Judgment in 1990s against Debtor for his part in a very violent assault on client. Over 15 years later, we enforced against debtor and debtors wifes community property. The debtor and his wife filed bankruptcy and we objected to multiple parts of the bankruptcy petition and filed a nondischargeability action in the bankruptcy court. Ultimately, the case settled in the bankruptcy court and the Client, who is now on disability due in large part to what happened to her in this case, received an amount of money that changed her life.

Judgment for unpaid advertising services – $65,000

Location: Los Angeles/Glendale
Case Details: Creditor: Insweb Corp Debtor- Large local insurance brokerage. Judgment: $50k collected before debtor filed bankruptcy. Local large insurance brokerage was in financial distress and our client was one of many they owed money to. The bankruptcy is still ongoing, but aggressive collection efforts and proper lien placement not only resulted in our client getting paid when nobody else did, but ensure that even in spite of the bankruptcy, our client will get paid on the judgment.

Judgment Collection for fraud – $377,000

Location: Los Angeles/Inglewood
Status: Settled/satisfied.
Case Details: Creditor, V.K., Debtor, J.W. In a case with a lot of local publicity, creditor sued the pastor of a local church for fraudulently inducing her into certain investments which resulted in the loss of her house and retirement money.  The church paid for debtors housing and his upkeep, and debtor thought he was judgment proof, but was unaware of certain legal remedies we had against the church itself, which we used to leverage a very nice settlement.

Failed Business Venture Judgement Recovery – $80.000 

Location: Los Angeles / Westwood
Status: Settled/Satisfied.
Case Details: Client: J. Fine. Client owed money to multiple people from a failed business venture and even bragged in a deposition about owing millions and not paying anyone. He had his own corporation, paid himself almost no wages but “loaned” money to himself, and had assets held in the name of his mother, who had never even lived in this country. By putting the assets of the business in jeopardy due debtors improper conduct, the debtor entered a voluntary pay plan to settle the judgment, and paid as promised.

Judgment Collection from Fashion House – $170,000+ (with interest)

Location: Los Angeles/East Los Angeles/Calabasas/Santa Monica (referring attorney in Calabasas, creditor in LA debtor business in downtown LA, resided in Santa Monica- judgment, $170k (with interest).
Status: Settled/Satisfied.
Case Details: Client, Shannon C.  Client designer sued large LA Fashion House for misappropriation of custom designed clothing and jewelry items. Debtor refused to pay and started doing business out of an LLC. However, research revealed clients and income sources of the debtor business and within a few weeks of starting the enforcement, the debtor settled the judgment.

Judgment Collection – $240,000

Creditor had judgment against owner of a local Television station, who had put his house into a trust. A lien was put on the house because the debtor had done the trust incorrectly, and after multiple levies of bank accounts as well as PayPal, we opened a new case against the debtor in San Bernardino County where the debtors home was, and filed notices for levying on and selling the home. When debtor realized the home was not protected and we were going to take it and auction it, he raised money from his TV audiences to pay off the entire judgment to us.

Judgment Collection – $180,000 (with interest)

Los Angeles Silver Lake area case for fraudulent conveyance of real estate:

Creditor had judgment against debtor real estate agent and agent had an LLC that he did all his business out of. We issued subpoenas against the LLC, Orders against his supervising broker and his LLC requiring them to pay us garnishments. Debtor still was not paying and was evading service of subpoenas, when our process server finally gained access to and hid out in his private parking garage, and served him a court subpoena when he came home from work. When debtor did not comply with the subpoenas, we had a warrant issued for his arrest and after all that he finally paid the judgment.

Judgment Collection – $55,000

Los Angeles Area Judgment for breach of commercial lease and failure to pay back investors. Creditor had judgment against a hollywood screen writer who was in hot water with multiple creditors and had many judgments against him. We levied upon royalty streams and residuals, and were competing for the same money with another another judgment creditor, an aggressive law firm, and a claimant for child support, all attempting to go after the same money. Even though we were the last ones to put a lien claim on the money, after all the other claimants laid claim first, we took by far the lions share of the money, by aggressively positioning ourselves and defeating the claims of the other creditors because of various mistakes they had made and other defenses available to us.

Case ultimately settled after an 8 hour mediation in front of a Federal Magistrate Judge, settlement amount $550k.

Judgment Collection – $70,000

Los Angeles Area

Creditor had judgment against debtor, ex wife. Multiple levies yielded nothing even though we thought they should. It turned out that the Ex wife got notice that Creditor was trying to collect, and after multiple depositions and bank subpoenas, we proved that she had transferred all her money out of her name to a relative and her kids. We put together the evidence received from the bank subpoenas and ultimately brought her kids into Court alongside her, where she and her kids would all have to answer in front of the judge regarding her fraudulent transfers to her kids, and her kids were going to have to turn over the money under court order or be in contempt of court. Before the kids went before the judge, she made a phone call and a cashiers check arrived in the court and the judgment was settled.

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