Shady stock trader Judgment, Approx $400,000.00.

Debtor was a day trader and an online “get rich quick” guru. He took hundreds of thousands from a family member, and lost it in trading, and ended up with a judgment against him. Debtor had a Ferrari in an out of state LLC, multiple out of state crypto and stock trading portfolios, and minimal assets in CA. After levying 15 or so accounts, and going after multiple LLCs, the debtor filed a motion to vacate the judgment, which was denied. We ultimately located real estate in Nevada, moved the judgment into Nevada, and put a lien on the Nevada home, forcing it to sell. Over $300,000.00 was eventually paid.

Judgment – Bad Business Deals – $900,000

Debtor owed about $1million due to bad business deals from another state, from years prior. We found her here in CA, and served a sister state judgment on her. (We had pictures and video, as we always do, to prove the serve, when her attorneys came and told us she was never served.) After exhaustively investigating her, and putting down liens levying 15-20 different banks and brokerages, we hit a stock account, and after a skirmish with a big law firm she hired, we liquidated the assets to the tune of almost $900,000.00 for our clients.

Judgement Recovery against out of country debtor – $1.5 million (2018)

Judgment originally from Texas, domesticated into Orange County CA by a previous collection firm, who had given up on it. Judgment was against a Chinese Company who manufactured a faulty product which left plaintiff blind in one eye. The Chinese Company had no assets, personnel, or any presence in the U.S. Investigative diligence via shipping records revealed that the Chinese Company was shipping goods to certain entities throughout California and the United States. We found these entities, issued enforcement writs for various counties around the state, and proceeded to levy and garnish all the companies that did business with the Chinese Company, statewide, obligating those companies to pay the creditor instead of the Debtor company, to collect the judgment. This pressure caused the Chinese company to settle a debt that many may have given up on, and the judgment enforcement was successful.

Judgment – Wrongful Termination Case – $600,000

Location: Sacramento Case, Clients in Orange County Status: 4 clients (All Settled, paid in full). Case Details: High salary sales executives of public company were fired wrongfully and denied commissions and obtained judgment and needed enforcement of judgment as Company refused to voluntarily pay. We executed multiple judment enforcement methods including levies on payroll accounts, as well as asserting liens against debtors factoring company. We  also uncovered service contracts that the debtor had with large companies such as Samsung and LG and Huawei,and obtained a court order against those third parties, forcing payments under the contracts to go towards our judgments. Ultimately, not wanting to risk problems in their business dealoings, the debtor and the debtors factoring company paid all  judgments- over $600,000.000- in full.

SPOUSAL SUPPORT COLLECTION – $300,000 (past due support enforcement) (2018)

Debtor had shirker his divorce settlement obligations outstanding since 2005, and had avoided paying a penny for almost 15 years.  Debtor now had a new wife, a new house, and had attempted to protect himself by putting everything in the name of his new wife with her as trustee of a new family trust. Creditor gathered the required information and applied to the Court to issue an order allowing the new family trust to be put lien documents, and the court granted the order.  We then put a lien on the home and began foreclosure proceedings. The Debtor, knowing the ‘jig was up’, then voluntarily took a second mortgage and settled the judgment.

Recovery from Deceptive Businesses – $120,000 (2018)

Multiple Judgment Debtors, who owned percentage interests in Sober living / rehabilitation facilities. Due diligence through investigative sources and subpoenas revealed that the Debtors had changed the name and the company through which they were operating, and that they were hiding a piece of real estate. We proceeded against the new company and began execution sale of the piece of real estate whose ownership they believed they had hidden. Result was settlement in full amount of the judgment, plus attorneys fees.

Judgment Enforcement – Catering Company – $90,000+ (with interest)

Location: Orange County/Costa Mesa
Status: $55k paid/payments ongoing thru pay plan.
Case Details: Client: Ethan A, Dan. C.  Client was sued by Debtor originally and Client won the case and received a large attorney fee award against debtor, a large catering company in Orange County. Owner of Debtor Corporation stopped using the old corporation and started two new corporations which continued the exact same business of the old corporation. Through multiple bank subpoenas and over 40 attempts to serve papers on the owner of the corps (our agency finally served him),  our lawyers obtained enough evidence to hold the new corporations liable for the judgment. Debtor finally agreed to payment plan, and payments are ongoing- debtor pays early every month and has never missed one.

Judgment Collection – Used Car Dealer – $32,000

Location: Orange County/Sherman Oaks (Debtor from OC, creditor from Sherman oaks)

Status: Settled/Satisfied.
Case Details: Client: A Seton. Debtor was a used car lot who sold client a Lemon car. Previous attorney attempted enforcement but could not serve the owner with papers, and could not locate business bank accounts. The cars on the lot did not belong to the debtor company so they could not be levied/attached.  Our Agency assisted them by filing a motion to appoint a receiver to take over the business to marshal assets towards satisfaction of judgment- a remedy that a creditor can use when there does not seem to be any other way to proceed.  Debtor entered voluntary pay plan and paid the judgment off, never missing a payment. Again not a huge win but satisfying.