The Evanns Collection Law Firm offers collection services in the following areas:

If you have won a civil judgment against a person or company who either cannot be found or who simply refuses to pay, then our judgment recovery services are what you need. Our offices also provide judgment enforcement of spousal support orders, criminal restitution orders, and collection of family law judgments. Read More >>


If you have won a civil judgment against a person or company who either cannot be found or who simply refuses to pay, then A common misconception is that collections are all the same and that all debt is created equal. We recognize this could not be further from the truth, and that every client and every debt and debt portfolio has its own specific needs. Read More >>


One of the specialized areas of judgment collection in which our firm has expertise is spousal support collections. Family Law support collections are unique in that they have quite a few additional mechanisms available under California Family Law which are not available to enforce your “average” civil judgment. They also come due in installments, and each separate late payment accrues its own interest as of the day it is late– if there has been nonpayment over any significant timeframe, just calculating the exact amounts due at any given time is a serious challenge. Read More >>


Judgment Domestication, or the “Sister State Judgment” process as it is called in California, is the process whereby a on out-of-state creditor who holds a judgment against a debtor transfers the judgment to the State where the Debtor is, in order to enforce the judgment. Judgments must be enforced under the laws of the State where the debtor resides, which means a judgment from a different state must be domesticated or “Sister Stated” into the State where the Debtor is (or where the debtor’s assets are), in order to be enforced. Read More >>

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Rich was extremely generous helping me, a fellow attorney, figure out how to get a writ of attachment on a six-figure judgment check.
Richard Evanns managed to solve a collection problem that was over 10 years old and a six figure amount.
Richard Evanns took us through the whole process with the greatest of ease. Thank you, Richard!
After muddling along for way too long - a couple of years - we finally got smart and got specialized help with our restitution case.
Someone from the office of Evans contact me and explain me that...
Mr. Richard Evanns is my hero lawyer "par excellence"! He fights for justice, no matter who you are or what your situation.