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I graduated from U.C. Santa Barbara with a B.A. in philosophy and obtained my law degree from the U.C. Davis School of Law. Before enrolling in law school, I spent time in the business world working for a major mortgage company, and a major health insurance company. After law school I put my legal aspirations aside and played poker professionally, something I had started doing successfully while in school. I traveled the States and the world to play at various destinations. The three or four years I played poker professionally taught me invaluable lessons and contributed to deep and lasting ability to analyze people and situations. These experiences taught me to see the simplicity underlying many apparently complicated problems, enabling me to cut through outside appearances and get straight to fundamental truths. As far as work experience goes, I can’t think of anything better. I am a collection Attorney, that fights for your judgement.

Upon deciding to settle down, I put my education to use and went to work as a paralegal, handling matters in intellectual property litigation, contract litigation, and personal injury cases. Concurrently, I started my own collection business, Enforcements ETC, which focused on enforcement of judgments.

Between 2009 and 2011 my judgment collection company, under my direction, satisfied hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of debt on behalf of its creditors. I gained broad experience enforcing judgments ranging from small claims judgments against fly-by-night unlicensed contractors and used-car lots to much larger judgments against major insurance firms, real estate tycoons, and even a billionaire Senatorial candidate.

As an attorney, I represent clients in collections and creditor’s rights matters, and continue to focus on judgement enforcement.

I have been published in national publications on matters of constitutional law and other topics, as well as some local publications.

I strongly believe that a lawyer must never stop learning, and am a member of the California Association of Judgment Professionals, Beverly Hills Bar Association, Los Angeles County Bar Association [Remedies Section], the California Creditors Bar Association, and the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles.

Most importantly, I am a real person and will actually talk to you free of charge if you call my office. I may even offer an entertaining story or two.

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