Silvia Keshishian
Legal Document Specialist
/ In House Process Server

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Meet Silvia Keshishian, Legal Document Specialist / In House Process Server

Silvia Keshishian (and her daughter Kris!) is/are “in house-out-house” process servers, legal document preparers, and Court runners for ECL. Sylvia is also President & CEO of Galaxy Process Servers, an attorney service which she runs as a separate company.

Silvia graduated Herbert Hoover High School in Glendale, CA in 1993.  During this time she worked at her first collection agency Fidelity Creditor Services as a small balance collector.

After moving to Orlando Florida she started working at Sun Trust bank in the credit card legal department where her passion for the legal industry began.

In 1996 after moving back to California she graduated from Glendale Career College as a paralegal and started her first job in the attorney service industry at Express Network.

Having worked in the collection industry for several years, she is now an expert on handling of writs of attachment, writs of execution and Earnings Withholding Orders, Service of Process, Skip Tracing, court services, and more. Thanks to Silvia, ECL is able to utilize post judgment collection processes (levies, garnishments, and other types of highly specialized post judgment process services) with lightning speed, precision, and efficiency.

In 2005 Silvia saw a vision of the perfect attorney service for the collection industry and Galaxy Process Servers was born. Her company now caters to the judgment enforcement industry as a highly skilled and specialized judgment enforcement process serving company, in addition to working for ECL.

Silvia is a member of the California Association of Legal Support Professional (CALSPro) and National Association Process Servers (NAPPS).

When not going after debtors, Silvia loves gardening and the beach.

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