Bonnie Nicholson Paralegal/Office Manager

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Meet Bonnie Nicholson, Paralegal/Office Manager

Bonnie is the office manager at Evanns Collection Law Firm. Bonnie owned and ran her own successful Judgment Enforcement business for approximately 10 years (2008-2018) which included developing online detective, skip-tracing and other useful sleuthing skills and learning to navigate the legal system as a lay-person. Previously she worked as an Administrative Assistant to an Attorney in the field of Intellectual Property (IP), Trademark & Copyright Infringement, Unfair Competition and Personal Injury (PI), and has also worked as a Customer Service Representative in the fields of Health Care and Medical Insurance. Bonnie’s keen eye for details and ability to implement and adhere to efficient processes, is the oil which keeps the machinery of the law firm running smoothly and properly.

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