If you have won a civil judgment against a person or company who either cannot be found, defaulted on payment or who simply refuses to pay, then our post judgment recovery services are what you need. Our offices also provide judgment enforcement lawyers of court ordered spousal support, criminal restitution, and collecting for family law judgments.

Best of all – we almost always handle judgment collection cases for no money up front.*

We utilize the most modern technology and have security clearance to access sensitive information from credit bureaus and other high-end information vendors, which enables us to find debtor assets. We also have relationships with some of the finest investigators in the business helping us collect your debt on your civil judgment.

Judgment Enforcement

“The way that this is done is assets are located and income streams are located and the judgment collection attorney uses whatever means are available to attach the assets and garnish the income.We use cutting-edge technology and top-line investigators to locate these income streams and locate these assets and we use the legal means at our disposal to satisfy your judgment.”

Once we obtain the necessary information on your debtors finances, we employ various legal enforcement lawyers and methods to seize/attach/garnish the assets, to satisfy your default judgment. We also work quickly- in some cases we can locate debtor assets within days of taking the case.


Our methods include:

The list goes on, and the methods that debtors use to avoid creditors is long and always changing. Rest assured, our attorneys are able to handle them all.

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*: Representation terms vary, depending on facts of the case.

Evanns Collection Law takes pride in providing all their clients with aggressive and affordable post judgment collection representation in Los Angeles County, Orange County and Ventura County areas.

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