Some of the most frustrated potential judgment enforcement client calls I get are those who have outstanding spousal support and spousal support orders. These clients have often been through nasty divorces, have already paid tons to an attorney and have barely been getting by—only to have the debtor refuse to pay what is owed. Often County Support Enforcement has attempted to collect and failed. This happens, quite literally, ALL THE TIME, when support debtors are self-employed. The usual scenario is- your ex owns a business and controls the payroll. When it comes time to pay support, your ex’s wages have been reduced to almost nothing. Mysteriously, his/her lifestyle seems to be fine– yet you are getting nothing. This can be a very frustrating situation.

Well, for these clients, we have good news! Not only can we enforce support orders using all the same remedies as we use in enforcing civil judgments, but there are actually MAJOR advantages and additional remedies that we have in enforcing support judgments and orders as opposed to your “normal” civil judgments. These include:

* Spousal & Child Support Judgments cannot be discharged in bankruptcy

* Support Judgment garnishments can reach up to 50% of a debtor’s income (as opposed to typical civil judgments which reach only 25%)

* Debtors who don’t pay support judgments can be held in contempt of court, fined by the court, and ultimately, sent to jail if they don’t pay.

* Support garnishments take priority over other garnishments

Example: Your ex-spouse is already being garnished by the IRS, and they owe you back child support. Our garnishment takes priority over the IRS. No other type of debt takes precedence over IRS debt!

This is just to name a few.

So, if you are owed support, and your ex is somehow earning less than ever but also somehow eating at all the good places, driving the nice car, and going to the nice destinations, while you are not getting paid- take heart!

Not only are we experts in enforcement and collection of spousal support and child support, but we do are very best to take cases for little or zero upfront cost to you. Telephone calls are free and only take a few minutes. Don’t wait any longer- give us a call us at 213-404-1002 for a free consult.